What is your favorite bearing?

(SR) #1

Just a random poll I made up because I was bored and in wonder of what your favorite bearing is. I have only tried YYF Spec, KK, and YYJ bearings, out of those my favorite is YYF Spec.

(Jesse) #2

Well I’ve only tried the YYF SPEC and the One Drop 10-Ball…Between those 2, I’m gonna have to go with 10 ball once broken in. If we’re talking out of the box SPEC without a doubt.

EDIT: I’ve also tried YYJ bearings, but I do not like them at all! Every single one I’ve had has just turned black on the outside! It doesn’t seem to affect the play but I just don’t like them in general.


YYJ stock bearings. Yes, I like this SPEC I have and I liked the 10 ball I had, but I still love these YYJs.


KonKaves work well for me. Turns out the ones I have tried are all thick lubed…

But they still haven’t won me over 10-Balls.


I chose other because I don’t care what bearing the yoyo has in it. Stock or not I don’t care.

(J. Lev) #6

I really just don’t care at all.


anything but born crucial groove bearing is good


They work great for me.


I don’t really care either. But I really like broken in YYJ’s and 10balls, though I don’t have a favorite.

(Marc) #10

hate YYJs, They keep dying on me.
I prefer specs overall


10 Balls. All of my YYJ’s are messed up. Second to 10 balls, I’d say EZO bearings.


the yoyojam bearing because it the only 1 i tried

(JonasK) #13

I just use stock bearings. I can’t wait to try the plastic/stainless steel HSpin bearing though.