What is this song???




Not sure but if anybody with an iTouch or iPhone listens to it there is an app to find out songs by hearing the tune.(if that song is in iTunes)


I’ve tried using that app, called Shazam, on my mums iphone and it didn’t work because it needs to be a recorded song not a live performance


I also tried with Shazam, but I think the problem is more the hootin’ and hollerin’ during the performance. Technically, it is a recording, not a live performance. But, there’s just too much sound that isn’t the music for the phone to figure it out. We’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way… Wait for someone to recognize it.



Do you like the song to?

(Jei Cheetah) #6

Take the future.

By foggy.


I tried itunes but it doesn’t seem to have it, any ideas

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I don’t have the software to download songs from youtube


It’s just some version of Happy techno or whatever. There’s 1000’s of great dj’s out there if your into this music. And there’s also different types. Too many to name. To some people it’s all techno but those that know know differently. If your looking for a basic song do a searcdh result for trance music and you’re sure to find something that you’ll like incase you can’t retrieve the name of this one. Hope this helps.


Try a Google search for “Foggy Take the Future” I found it in about a minute.


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Instead of installing software, just use mediaconverter.org


It is Foggy - Take the Future ;D


Aw, it is really a great one, thank you guys for this video, the chubby Asian guy totally rocks! ;D