What is the best browser to display YYE on?


This may be out of left field but I logged into YYE today and the site displayed all crazy and buggy. Like the X at the top of the screen was all huge and bulbous, all the buttons at the top were missing and the text was so small I couldn’t make any of it out. All I could really see was the huge X and “Make The Simple Amazing” in huge Las Vegas style font. Plus a bunch of FiReal Yo-Yo’s and then an ad went by and then I saw a Light House, a Yo-Yo, and it said set Sail and the browswer froze on me and I had to Ctrl+Alt+Delete. I went back and I tried refreshing and the same thing so I finally tried going to the forum directly with the yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php in the address bar and that did appear to be fine. But the rest of the Home Page was complete messed up and couldn’t really be navigated or read. So I finally tried the site in Internets Explorer and all was fine there but, I couldn’t get the main page to display properly in Opera…AT ALL. Till I eventually had to reinstall Opera, and here I am now. What is the best browser to use to get on YYE?


I use firefox it works fine.


I’m using Chrome now and I also use firefox with no issues on either.


I am a fellow Opera user. Which version of Opera are you using?


Okay, thanks for the input you guys. I got it working pretty good now and it looks just as good as ever in Opera again. I think my browser just needed to be updated.

I got Firefox and Chrome as suggested if I need to use those as a back up, Internet Explorer just displays everything like crap. Thats why I was using Opera to begin with. Lol.


Did you try clearing your cache? That usually clears up a whole bunch of issues. Delete cookies and history while you’re at it.


Alright, I’ll try that too. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Inernet explorer is simply the worst never ever use internet explorer unless you desperatly need to I would reccomen the steam web browser over internet explorer.

But google chrome is the best


I believe you would have solved your initial problem by simply turning on “compatibility mode”
in your ie browser.
Truth is…you’d be better off using Chrome instead…it’s a much faster and more stable browser than ie ever was!


yeah with Internet explorer you can get a virus by just being on a web page.


Google Chrome is the absolute best.


I honestly don’t know my dad is still skeptical of google’s browser so he wants me to use firefox.

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I use chrome. Never had a problem


Actually it can happen w/any browser. They all have vulnerabilities.


Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (I use the latter, but either work fine)