What is an unpopular yoyo opinion? -Everyone play nice

“dfurtke is crazy” has just gone from being an “unpopular yoyo opinion” to a “popular yoyo fact”. :laughing:

Kidding. You’re totally right, though. That said, hobbies aren’t about need … thankfully. I’m having so much fun acquiring and testing out different yoyos by shape, metal, weight, etc. Every different colorways feel different! (Okay, maybe not that last one.)


Evertime I feel like I’ve got the itch scratched and I tell myself I’m not going to buy one for a while, I see a charge to my PayPal and there’s something on the way in the mail. Then I spend the next week with multiple USPS tabs open feverishly refreshing each day.


This is a popular opinion as it is true.


Most of you should talk less about yoyos and more about tricks.


We must read very different “best pocket yoyo” threads then lol


Oh, I got another one I forgot to post initially.

I love One Drop, I really do… BUT… I think most of their yoyos that use SE’s should have a much lower base weight. Basically, when you have “ultralight” SE’s installed, I think the yoyo should actually be “ultralight.” BECAUSE you can ALWAYS ADD weight with heavier SE’s but you can never go below the weight with ultralights installed.

Take the Rebirth for example. With Ultralights installed, it still comes in at 66.15 grams. Now why is something that is configured “ultralight” still coming in at 66.15 (on an under to mid size throw mind you)? I think it would make much more sense to have a lower base weight so that when UL’s are installed, it weighs in at something like 63 grams, max. Want a bit of a more average weight? Great, put in flat caps! Want to make it feel like the brick it currently feels like? Awesome - put in some brass SE’s.

I just feel like putting spikes or brass SE’s in yoyos really makes them wayyy too heavy. Would be nice to have more aesthetic options that don’t come at the expense of making your throws feel like rocks. The MCMO does a slightly better job at this but I still feel like lower base weights on SE yoyos would make more sense. You can always go heavier, but you can’t go lighter.


Duncan transaxtion is the coolest yoyo.


this is unpopular?
it’s so quirky i love it


There are maybe ten yoyos with cool laser engravings.


You got baited, just let things go sometimes. You dont need to respond to everything- with peace and love :v:

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Hot Take; YoYo Pre-Orders are just interest free production loans.


It’sa long story, they did however create an entire line of geezer throws……. I was there.
I love my production partners up the coast, they are righteous dudes.
Edit, they were called GZR and they were the same throws only done in 7075. I traded my last one to Splugen for his nickel plated cascade. Good times!!!


More fun too,


I didn’t think this was a hot take. I thought it was the point.


Another one.

It’s easy to make a mid yoyo. It’s hard to make a GOAT yoyo.


I think that this statement mostly depend on player preference. Like for myself, I don’t like Mustang or ES, but for many players out there Mustang is GOAT. At the same time, my favorite is 000 but I have heard many don’t like the 000 at all


Pretty much that mid price throws are as good as an expensive Yoyo, even go as far to say Red China’s Magic yo-yos give USA made throws a run for their money and at a fraction of the price - Magic Hertz 3 is a good example - superb yoyo


They are fun and that’s what matters


The reality, she is mirroring her own paedophilia tendencies

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I realise I haven’t really posted my takes, and unsure if they’re technically unpopular, but they might be contentious:

  • A lot of people who teach yoyo tutorials, can’t teach yoyo tutorials effectively
  • Competition level throwing isn’t exciting, engaging or inviting for casual players - both the performances and the presentation