What is an unpopular yoyo opinion? -Everyone play nice

I recently saw a Reddit post saying DNA is overdone, and it’s an unpopular opinion (which it isn’t).

It got me thinking… What is an unpopular opinion you hold about the yoyo scene and community?

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Here’s 2000+ of them for you to scroll through. Enjoy!


Thanks. Feel free to delete this thread.


We can keep this one going , the other one got locked because people were being less than friendly.


the RBC is too responsive


Have you tried a wider bearing?


yes, i had a 3mm wide bearing. it was more greased than the stock bearing so it was more responsive lol. at the time I didn’t know how to clean grease out of bearings and sold it along with my 2nd RBC. I should probably try the 3mm bearing again lol

also my tastes in responsives have very much changed since the RBC launched. i prefer a looser, but predictable response. too snappy and you cant do much 1A, too loose it becomes unpredictable. still love my RBC though, just figured this would be a funny one for the forum considering how much praise it gets lol


It should also be possible to beefcake it with two 2mm or some combo of 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm. But yes, getting the bearings cleaned out is the first step.


have you beefcaked before? I fear it would play like a grooved concave (my least favorite bearing type lol)

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I have not, since responsive is my jam. I think it would depend on the exact cut of the bearings. I have seen more C bearings than other sizes, but I know that sometimes the edge of the outer race seems to have a bevel cut and other times it is closer to a sharp 90 degrees (for flat bearings), depending on the manufacturer.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

  • If you can’t throw some loops then you don’t really know how to yo-yo.
  • If you can’t fingerspin on a yo-yo that doesn’t have a dimple, you don’t really know how to fingerspin.

note: I am not going to gatekeep people in the hobby, I just silently judge you. Do what you want and have fun. And for the record, I can’t really fingerspin.


fingerspins are mediocre tricks in my opinion


I agree unless it is dagu

My man is a finger spin god

I can’t post link for some reason but his username on ig is dagu5595


Yoyoing was at its coolest when half the yoyos were bad, and people had to get their hands dirty and learn how to mod them, or just get good enough to overcome the quirks of their yoyos. Look at videos from 15+ years ago of people throwing insane tricks on Freehand 2s/Renegades/etc.

It’s kind of lame that the gear has gotten so extremely good that it doesn’t matter what you use, yet people still deeply care about the “best” performance.


Bi-metals are boring


i agree with this. I have 3, one inner ring (valhalla), one outer-outer ring (banshee ss), and one outer-inner ring (IQ). i agree with your statement, all 3 feel very clinically precise and crazy powerful, but i never find myself throwing them for very long.


Personally I like a super heavy rimweighted feeling on a yoyo. My preferred monometals are ones that may as well feel like a good outer rim bimetal. I think I just tend to prefer monos overall because they can give me the same feeling while being something I can spike into concrete and not care as much.


modding used to be so popular, it’s a shame it’s gone and there’s no reason for it now. i was throwing my silicone’d yyj kickside yesterday that i modded when i was 12(!) and had a blast. unreal how far the technology has come since then.

my unpopular opinion is i don’t care about bi-metals at all. i find them boring, unfortunately. played a few, i’ll probably buy one to learn hard tricks on if i can get a good deal on it but i don’t foresee myself owning more than that. amazing technology, but i simply have more fun playing with organics or plastics/hybrids.
(apparently many others in this thread doesn’t like them too , so it’s popular clearly lol)


I’m glad I missed the modding era because I’m lazy af!


Same af lol

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