what is a "Swear"?


so, I’m looking at some music for freestyle performances, but what is considered a swear by judge standards? I know the main ones, but other things that may be questionable I’d like to know.


If you buy clean versions on iTunes, it should be acceptable. If you’re still not sure, talk to whoever runs the music, and ask them to listen to it.


thats the problem, most of my crap doesn’t have a clean version, :’(


What songs are you planning to freestyle to?



not many swears, but they are there.


Pick another song. Basically anything a small child shouldn’t hear shouldn’t be in there.


you can edit out the swears using something like audacity


omg i found a solution,
youtube downloader>Windows movie maker> Cut out clips>Save as WMV>Convert to MP3


so how does the music thing work, how do you give it to them?


Youtube downloaders don’t work anymore, if you find one that does, please link me.




Chris Fraser used To Be Loved by Papa Roach in his worlds performance. I would really consider that song acceptable for kids to listen to.


Well if you already know this, doesn’t that tend to answer your own question then?

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #13

dvdvideosoft.com has the best downloader out there, it also has converters and so much more I highly suggest you install it.


yes, however, in CA states 2010, Jensen Kimmitt used footsteps by the clipse which has no clean version, however, he was still able to censer it


I think that one minor one or two might be acceptable, but it would be best to censor it.

"Don’t you BEEEEP lie to me!
That would be really funny to listen to during a freestyle.


Haha :slight_smile:


Ask the contest organizer ahead of time.