What instrument?


Me: Oboe
Kim-Lan: Clairnet

(Shisaki) #2

Me: Violin and a little cello



(Mark) #4

Clarinet, Guitars (Electric/Acoustic/Classical) and Harmonica.

(Waylon) #5

guitar, bass, banjo (a smidge), mandolin (another smidge), djembe.


That’s cool. I originally wanted to learn how to play Oboe in high school when I was younger. I wanted to learn both clarinet and oboe, but I guess I changed my mind.




Cello, Violin, and semi Oboe.




Acoustic guitar and Drums


Why not Kim? You’re in seventh grade right? You can do clarinet for another year, then switch to oboe/clarinet. It’s fun. And it sounds unique.


I’m in 8th grade and that’s what I had wanted to do originally, but I’m not sure.


Bass Guitar for me.

Gotta feel that soul!


Whoops. You’re older than me! Anyways, go for it! What can happen?




Er Hu. Chinese orchestra rocks.

Btw, i can also play the dog, the cat, the bird, and the human voice.

(Emily) #17

gutair(still learning)


Percussion. SD rocks! (Snare Drum) :wink:

(Shisaki) #19

Omg my grandpa plays that ;D ;D (no offense, just saying)


Haha i was forced to learn it by the school. I didn’t think it would be nice. But when i started playing, i started to like the instrument ;D Its actually quite fun. :wink: