What Have We Come To


Lately, I’ve been feeling some negative vibes coming from here. When did this happen?

When I first joined this forum, it was very positive and we never got any hate or unfriendly rivalrys.

Now, been noticing there are quite a few negative posts and replies.

What made this forum come to this?

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I can tell this is directed at me.

(JonasK) #3

I think that we are just tired of everything… good thing there’s a holiday coming up and a lot of us will get a good break.

(Mark) #4

Also, to add, when I first joined, the forum was more tightly knit with each other, everyone knew everyone else. I think we all knew each other very well and there was a fun and helping feeling. Now, since there are more people, it is still fairly knit but there are more post that are made that cause disagreements and arguments instead of actual positive yoyo discussions. I think that the posting ideals have morphed the addition of people and thus more diverse thoughts.

I really hope that this is only a small fraction if not none of the cause.


Oh no, you’re one of the nice people I met here. Samad was the first and you were the next when you went as Ebinballer45. Rollin with my Homies.


I still love this place and the community. I don’t mean to aim this negatively towards Chris, but I just want to speak my mind really quickly.

I think it would be a lot better if we spent less time making these “Whats wrong with the community” posts, and spend more time actually fixing the community. YoYoExpert is a wonderful example of that, but if we let it fall into the grip of hatred, lets at least work at it to get it back.

(Mark) #7

That should be a goal for all of us! Come on everybody! ;D


Well I just made a post in http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,3381.0.html

This has effected me in extreme ways. I am not on YYE as much, I don’t post as much, and I don’t put very much effort into my posts. There was a post abput this earlier and Doc agreed as I recall. I just don’t seem to find as much pleasure posting here as I did a few months ago.


“I can tell this is directed at me.” Quote from Evan.

Haha, Evan. I don’t know, really. Mainly what you see is a form of, debates people discuss that seem like arguements. I see what you mean. How a person says it, though, you don’t know if they mean it rudely, or nicely.


I can tell when someone means business or just a small dispute.

YoYoExpert.com is not the place it used to be.