What film/movie did you last watch?

(Jacob Waugh) #81

lol yeah.

(Sergio) #82

I’ve seen every episode of both versions, great shows


We just watched MI fallout. I’m always amazed at how Cruise does his own stunts and hasn’t suffered a fatal accident by now.

Since we’re also talking TV, just started American Gods. I can’t say I’ve ever watched anything quite like it. I’m not sure what I think of it yet, but it’s great visually

(LJ) #84

I watched “Burning” with two of my sons last night. It was good but I think they could have edited it down from 2:28 to two hours or less. Lots of very drawn out (and seemingly meaningless) scenes.

(David ) #85

Just revisited Jaws. Godzilla 2014. And this spanish supernatural show on Netflix called Diablero.


Burning was awesome - it’s an arthouse film so a lot of the scenes exemplify the banality of life, I thought the pace of the film was very beautiful and melancholy…I really wonder what happened to the girl’s cat lol

(ClockMonsterLA) #87

Watched Ready Player One on Blu-ray. I never read the book so I wasn’t disappointed by all the differences between it and the movie. It was okay, and kinda fun, but I can’t say it will leave a particularly lasting impression.


Swiss Army Man! OMG this was so funny!

({John15}) #89

HTTYD 3. Honestly, I was a little disappointed.


This movie is hilarious! My wife said “how did Harry Potter act dead for so long”? :sweat_smile:



There is a ton of farting in the movie so you know it’s gonna be a real crowd pleaser!

({John15}) #92

Started watching Stranger Things. I resisted it as long as I could. I’m really digging it so far,
m k ultra is messed up man


Paul Dano tho!!!

(Jacob Waugh) #94

I got my hair cut short because everyone always said: “Hey, you look like the kid from Stranger Things!” dont know if they were talking about Noah Schnapp or Finn Wolfhard though…

(Jolien Tomme) #95

I have the flu and a fever right now, so I sleep most of the time…
yesterday, I watched " Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows".
I recorded it on my tv, and I was not sleepy, so I watched it.
amazing movie! I love fantasy movies, and this one was great!
I found the strenght to put myself behind the computer screen, and to say hello.

now, exuse me, I go back to bed…

(Jacob Waugh) #96

Die Hard was on in the barber shop so I re-watched that, also saw Man on Fire (One of Denzel’s worst movies IMO) Watched World on a String again.

({John15}) #97

Finished Stranger Things S2. I love it.

(Jacob Waugh) #98

S1 was better tho.

({John15}) #99

Idk, I liked them both. S2 captured the complex dynamics of love and protection. It made you question the core morals of lying to protect vs lying to manipulate.


I loved both series of Stranger Things, the only episode I didn’t like was episode 7 of the second series, it felt rushed and a bit out of place.