What film/movie did you last watch?


Probably an old thread just like this but I thought I would start a fresh one.

A couple of day’s ago I watched Free Fire Ben Wheatley is becoming one of my favourite firectors of the modern day, Kill List and A Field In England both blew me away. This was pretty fun even though the whole film is basically just a shoot out (y)


Alps. Really strange lol.


Oh yeah that one is crazy! I have seen Free Fire and it is highly recommendable!

A few I liked recently are

  • Searching
  • The Guilty
  • I, Tonya
  • Lady Bird (my favorite movie of 2017)
  • Get Out (my second favorite movie of 2017)

(Pantheon Throws) #4

Braveheart :heart_eyes:

Such an incredible classic. First time watching it, but I love it to death


You’re definitely not Scottish are you? :wink:


Oh I had almost forgotten, I also saw Kill List and it was quite good as well!

({John15}) #7

That new Spider-Man multiverse thing.


Oh yeah how did you like that? It is getting rave reviews, might take the fam to see it this weekend!

({John15}) #9

Well, it wasn’t bad. I’d recommend it.

(Ettore Ferro) #10

Good question!

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)
The Edge of Seventeen (2016)
Moon (2009)

I saw many others films, but they aren’t so good. Those are EPIC

(Thomas Bellotti) #11

The godfather.

I think it’s AMC that ran it like three times daily for a few days recently

I must have seen it over 50 times, but every time I see it on tv i always watch it again. It’s a perfect film

(Sergio) #12

Last movie I saw was Spiderman into the Spiderverse and I thought it was great. Very unique take on Spiderman and the animation was great too


Me and my cousin just saw Serpico at a theater that does flash back days :grinning:


I’m about due a re-watch of that!


“A Dog’s Way Home.” Awesome movie! A feel good movie. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. It has elements for cat lovers too. Thoroughly satisfying. I absolutely loved it!


I love the Godfather movies more every time I see them.


monty python and the holy grail

(Evan Landreneau) #18

Venom is my all time favorite.

(Tyler) #19

Mostly been watching The Man in the High Castle as of late, but the last movie I watched was Fyre Fraud. It’s about the guy that organized the Fyre Festival and was basically a con artist.


Ha, there are two documentaries on that Fyre debacle. One on Hulu and another on Netflix.