What facebook knows about you...


How to stop Facebook from stalking you


Another one of these threads? You’re really starting to freak me out


There’s always just the option of axing your FB account. :slight_smile:

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Or never creating one in the first place…


You should be. Everyone worries about the NSA tracking you but things like facebook, google, instagram and amazon are bigger threats to society.


Not sure why I should care if “they” know what I am up too. I would tell them if they asked.


That’s foolish.

Did you read, or glance at, the article?

You may be okay with anyone in the world knowing exactly where you’re at, down to the room inside the address, whenever you pick up your telephone, smart people aren’t.

And, as long as you’re willingly giving out information, what’s your home address? If you have issues posting it publicly, no biggie, ill just track you down and post it here myself.
Got kids? Maybe someone else wants 'em.


Well, that’s very… interesting. I still haven’t made the jump to owning a smartphone, so I have yet to make a Facebook post outside my own home. I’ll make sure to check the privacy settings when I do upgrade. Thanks for posting.


One of the reasons I don’t use Facebook or anything else. In fact YYE forum is as social as I get. I lurk but only register or post on YYE, no where else, ever. I’m sure I’m still on some radar but I like to keep it minimal. Dear YYE, don’t become evil, k? ;D


The way the USA freedom act (successor to pat 1 & 2) works, the private corporations are the ones collecting the data now anyway (they also have complete legal indemnity).