what ever happened to the yo-stick/yoyoball


back oh three years ish there was the yo-stick i just found mine after cleaning my room opened it up put a yoyo sting in pulled out the circuitry fixed the spring and started messing around with and it was actually kinda fun some company should modify the design and make more part friendly i think that would be cool


I’ve never heard of a yo-stick.
Let me search for it.


Those are crazzy.

I think nobody would buy them so they stop manufacuring them.

(Jeromy K.) #4

My son got one of the yo-yo balls and it broke in the first 20 min of play. Every one that I got when I was a kid brohe. They are junk :’( :-\


I know these stuff and I hate them, also I almost bought it.

Happy Throwing! =]

(Connor) #6

Never heard of it. Are you crazy? ??? lol


What is it?


I think its this  :smiley:


(Jeromy K.) #9

Yah that is the yo-yo ball the only reason they showed short clips of the kids playing with them is because they only last about 20 throws, then the string skips out of the grove and it wraps around the axel. LOL JUNK P.S. you can’t fix it!!!


I hate the yo-yo balls. Kids try those out and they like it! They then try a [shadow=red,left]REAL[/shadow] yo-yo and they say

“This ain’t a yo-yo! It doesn’t even come up!”

BTW ever heard the the yo-yo paper stick? It’s a paper wrapped around a stick and if you fling it then it will come back to you. Those idiots call it a Chinese Yo-yo. The real chinese yo-yo is the Diablo.


wow you guys really dont like the fake stuff


I had a yoyoball and it broke within the first 2 minutes of play…The sting broke… lol


I played with a yo-yo ball for 5 throws and the string got tangled inside. I gave it to some kid.


i was gonna buy one when i was little because i couldnt figure regular yoyos out, it was like 10 dollars more expensive than a profly and my dadmade me get the profly…i will thank him for that sooner or later lol


He saved you from becoming a commoner. It’s his fault that you’re one of us now… :slight_smile:


one of us one of us one of us