What do you do every day besides yo-yo?


Do you watch TV?, Play video games?, Go outside?, ??? I know I do all of those things. :wink:

(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #2

school, computer, yoyo, video games, outside games, talk to friends.


School, this forum, yoyo, ps3(battlefield bad company 2), sleep, eat, ect. ;D

(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #4

how is bad company 2? does it have split screen? would you say it’s better than MW2?


school, gamecube,(Zelda ftw) and xbox :smiley:

(M²) #6

forums, guitar, like to get out for hour bike rides when i can, mtg, i read a lot, tv, and every now and then i play video games… oo almost forgot sitting around bored doing nothing


Work, Cycling, Entrepreneur, Brainstorm, Internet, Father, Husband.


roller blading , this forum, computer( team fortress 2), watch anime and read manga online, sleeping , eating, breathing, etc


Trampoline, parkour/free running with friends, TV, tennis, spray paint, etc.


Hang out with friends, computer, talk to friends, TV, and eat.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #11

Dance, School, hang out, rockclimb, video edit, video games.


i have alot of sports, i play guitar and ukulele, and i dance/break

(JosephP) #13

Work at Applebee’s YAY


school… and hmm… Breathing! yes, breathing, that’s what I do.


hmm. I play soccer, go to the beach(with girls, of course ;D), I sail around the bay, listen to music,bike, breath


Chillax with friends.


Eat, yoyo, breath, hang out with friends, eat again, read, watch tv, breath some more, listen to music, soccer, and breath. :slight_smile:


Staring at people on the bus, shouting at walls, swearing in playgrounds, punching small children in the face, and french cuisine.


Work, Chill w/ the lady friend, chill w/ my kids, chill w/ friends, Guild Wars

(JonasK) #20

I go to school, play some video games, play some bass and piano. And then rock to the boogiebeat.