What do you call yourself/others? (Poll)


I see many terms for the YoYo player thrown around on different forums, what I want to know is what is the term that you use to describe todays player? ;D


My personal favorite is “Tethered Gyroscopists”

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We’re “Enthuseists of all thing Spinnable”.

(you'reTHEweird1) #4

i call myself a yoyoer, but some people call me yoyoperson

(JayVee) #5

I call myself a yo-yo player in front of strangers and yo-yo’er in front of yo-yo buddies.


We all go from yo-yoer, thrower, or yo-yo players. The contests say player.

Augie says “Master of all things simply awesome.”


I call people who yoyo throwers and yoyoers. But, I also call yoyos throws. :smiley:


I’m a yoyoer. x]


A yoyoer and an enthusiast.


Yoyoer, and it’s the most common! ;D


Nerd, Geek, Dork and many other yoyo related terms. ;D


Welp, the perfect answer (And my personal favorite) has been found… And I totally agree ;D


Yoyoguy in class. XD Yoyo man as well D:


Throwers.And the yoyoguy/yoyonerd