What didn't you get in the mail this week?


what yoyo’s did you not get in the mail this week?


Didn’t get a Duncan Mosquito.


OG Peak…

(Elessar [Sly]) #4

I bought a Proyo II - original version from the 90’s - on ebay. It didn’t arrive at work like I was hoping…





(Former National 4A Champion) #7

Fast 401k


My #004 Peak


After spending a week loafing around in several mail sorting centers in Florida my Gelada 2 might finally show up today. Fingers crossed.

(Former National 4A Champion) #10

If it doesn’t, this is the thread to post on.


I under understood the FAST branding on the 401k, since there was nothing “Fully Active” about the movable response. The 201 and 301 are “active”, the 401k not so much :slight_smile:


In the case of the 401k, it stood for Fully Adjustable Starburst Technology

(Owen) #13

Every yoyo besides the ones I did get.


An obscenely large amount of money. :wink:


XD yea me as well,come publishing clearing house. SEND ME THAT MOOHLAH!


My iYpYp orototyoe still hasnt