What did you get in the mail this week?


the Bomber (and Web) were engravings suggested by the G2 patreons. Jake then put the web and the green bomber up for preorder.

This blue bomber is the patreon-exclusive colorway for the highest tier. both bombers are AL7, not sure about green but the blue bomber is diamond blasted (i think!)

since it is AL7, the design was tweaked a little (jake mentioned that on patreon)

(Jacob Waugh) #4096

Oh, okay, Bomber looks amazing, I should watch the vlogs so I know this stuff…


It’s an AL7 version of the Banshee, in a previous not released variation. Got by being a Patreon member of G2 Jake.

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #4098

whats that throw with the black hub on the left?
(Btw, be careful with the T1, the hub can be loosethreaded easily, as well as the axle.

({John15}) #4099

Looks like a G2 Ghost.

(Emmett H. ) #4100


It is a G2 Ghost Prototyp V1.

(Gregory Braun) #4102

A couple of weeks ago, but thanks @bobafret !

(Alexander) #4103

The SWAngle is awesome!!!


Received a Kuntosh 5k QV from the BST. I’ve been looking and one turned up. Like it a lot. Like both the size and the weight. Very nimble on the string.photo 7oPU7DpbTRWIrnJLDYO91w_zpskacbvxy0.jpg


White knight Skywalker :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

(Mitch ) #4106

This thing is amazing! I should not have waited so long to get one but I was holding out for the right color. Really looking forward to the modularity that comes with experimenting with side effects:


God That Looks sooooooo Nice with Those Heart Side Effects :heart_eyes:, Jealous for Sure!

Still on the Look Out for some! They Hardly Pop Up Ssdly haha

(Mitch ) #4108

Thanks, and ya they are hard to come by. I have been looking for red ones for a while. Closest I have got is almost talking a guy out of his Viszilla which would have come with them.


Let me know if you want to pass on that New Beautiful Blue one

({John15}) #4110

Oh dude, nice catch! The brass on black looks super clean


Found an Ultra-Matte Fulvia :drooling_face:


Super Excited to Try These Out! Thanks @Yardist , @Applepooh , and @chaosgow

(Mitch ) #4113

Love the case file 003. Good pick up there.

(Victorian YoYos) #4114

That’s A LOT of dough…