What did you get in the mail this week?


Dude!! Thats amazing 3 out 9f the 4 where is the kikazaru??


I dunno, I didn’t manage to get that one off ebay, or maybe he kept that one :wink:

I really, really like Deep States, what can I say.

(Parker Merrick) #3977

First Base and Colossus IV came in today, along with some strings, some lube, and a holster for the fun of it:

Now back to impressing myself by doing barrel rolls over and over again!

({John15}) #3978

This made me chuckle, haha

I’ve never thrown a first base, but that colossus 4 is a mighty fine yoyo

(Tyler) #3979

I second @smileypants707 - Colossus IV is an awesome throw. I have that same colorway!


Yoyos are so good these days that they must come with lube :wink:


Oh, barrell rolls are so fun! A month or so ago I started doing them backwards too and you can stop a regular barrell roll and do other things and throw in a few barrell rolls at any point. Best wishes to you on your yoyoing journey. Nice little collection you started!

(Mk1 Yoyos) #3982

Smashing Spectacle in the stupendous birthday colorway.

(Tyler) #3983

My Monocle is in that same colorway - such a great looking anno


These all came in the last week. I think I may be addicted to mail day :crazy_face:

(Justin Thompson) #3985

How you like that Outlier?


I reach for it the most. Tons of power and plays fast…highly recommend


I really did not like the Outlier, it’s quite narrow for a modern yo-yo and that was a big turn off for me.

(Justin Thompson) #3988

I noticed that it was a bit on the narrow side, but I enjoy Brandon’s vids and figured he might be onto something I wasnt aware of…

(David Hough) #3989

It’s been another great week for the sinister_yoyos compound. Thanks @funkyman50 for the Boa! The Spintime Matador and Czech Point Pivot came from trades via Facebook.


I do not know why I purchased this. Late night. Feels very uncomfortable on leaving my hand and like a brick on the end of my string. Maybe in a week I will like this better.


I feel the Wedge is one of the weakest of the Edge series, for some reason. I like the other Edges much more.

(ClockMonsterLA) #3992

Same here. In fact, of the three Edge-family throws I have, the only one I really like is the Edge.


I think it’s all about preferences. I now know what shapes I prefer and what to steer clear of. For someone else, this may be fantastic. I love organic and semi-organic shapes.


Finally! :heart: