What did you get in the mail this week?


Okay, I’ll trade it for 5 strings. No! Get out! If this is all a big prank you guys are playing on me I will be really mad. Were you all working on this prank since I joined in September, slowly nudging me towards a One Drop just so I’d get the lamest yoyo ever made? Is this whole forum fake with one person creating hundreds of “members” all with the intention of luring me into wasting money? I can see that. You got me!

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Yoluminati confirmed


Decided to bite the bullet and finally get the Sengoku yoyo ive been eyeballing for months now

And I think that I finally found my end-game V-shaped yoyo. This thing is ridiculously stable and spins longer than any of my other yoyos by quite a margin. It may be slightly on the heavy side, but it is still quite maneuverable in a way where you don’t even notice. Definitely the best performance-oriented yoyo in my collection now, and quite honestly is in a class of it’s own.


Looks really nice. I’m glad you love it! And that it comes with a healthy food is a bonus.

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Bananas have too much sugar to be a health food. Sugar is the enemy.


I thought some potassium was good for you…


It didn’t exactly come this week. It has bounced across the country twice because of a damaged box in transit that had to be resent. In spite of that, it got to me unharmed (whew!). Good thing too, they aren’t making any more of these: it’s an old YoyoJam prototype that never got a name. It’s a bit different from other YYJs that also include rubber in the body.

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Potassium, sure, but there are far better sources of potassium that don’t fill your body with sugar.


Interesting. How is there rubber in there? Is there a noticeable rubbery feel? Sorry if I sound silly, I’m just curious.


No problem. Part of the reason I bought it was because I had a similar question!

Yes, only the light green part at the center is plastic. The “wing” part is a fairly supple rubber, much like a Henry’s Cobra or Viper, but the rubber here feels softer and more flexible that what you find on the Cobra. To answer your other question of how it’s attached, I think it was injection molded over top of the plastic hub so that the two parts interlock.

The seller indicated that the idea was canned because of the difficulties connecting the rubber to the plastic. I’m not sure where this is in relation to the Ben Jammin’ but they had similar production difficulties with that model, trying to get the rubber to be soft and turn out well.


Seems it’d feel pretty unique and a prototype too! A collector’s item, for sure. I really want the red DM2 for my collection. There are black ones out there but I want the red.


Yes, this was definitely a collection piece. If I did throw it, I guarantee it wouldn’t grind well. It is surprisingly heavy too. I think they used a denser rubber than Henry’s yoyos or YYJ off string throws. I prefer to play yoyos that I buy, but I couldn’t pass this one up even if I never throw it.

I’ve seen a few DMs and DM2s show up on eBay from time to time, but most folks seem to be holding on to their DMs pretty tightly. I never got the red one either, though I was quite tempted to try!


This reminds me of some rubber yoyos this guy had at NJ states. Barely playable, but they were interesting haha


I imagine most rubber yos are barely playable by today’s standards, at least where 1A is concerned. According to the YYJ’s former VP, it was a consrant battle to get a rubber body to turn out right on a looper for the Ben Jammin’. That’s why the production models had such a hard rubber that it actually kind of defeated the purpose of having a rubber body on a high performance yoyo. I’m actually kind of surprised they would have tried it with a 1A style yoyo after that fiasco… unless this thing came first, but I’m not sure.


You are misunderstood. Bananas are quite healthy. Google it if you want some more substantial proof.


It’s been on order since November 2018 and just got it in.
The Anodized Edition Anti-Yo Ywet that pays homage to Danny Severance. It was made possible by Tyler Severance and the folks at Recess Intl.


ughhh still waiting for mine!


Hoenstly, if the man is eating fruit, that is worth a round of applause. I feel like people way overthink nutrition.

Yyf Ninedragons. I need more time to just get used to it before I give any thoughts.

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I was going to reply to this but I feel it derails the topic way too much, and since that’s entirely my fault, I feel it is my responsibility to kill this tangent. If anyone wants to debate this, they are invited to carry on in the Unrelated Discussion forum.


I found a way to make it happen and ordered an aqua colored Shutter… shoulda waited until it actually came in the mail…sorry. I get excited too easily.