What did you get in the mail this week?

({John15}) #3813

Follow his Instagram [stories] and YouTube channel. He gives plenty of noticed before each drop. I’ve never attempted one, but he does give a heads up most of the time. That’s why they sell out so fast.


The g2_drops Instagram post every drop time and only drop times.


CLYW Akita, CLYW Puffin, YYF DNA, General-yo KLR

was a really good week:)


Wow! That KLR is a gem!


Yeah:) When i saw it, i just knew i had to grab it upxD

(Tyler) #3818

A-RT Woofa

Smashing Monocle

Man I love the BST


Ok Ill watch on that. I just don’t have time or desire to watch some monday video for weeks to find out when the drop is.

(Christopher Dougherty) #3820

Bills bills and more bills!! Haha