What did you get in the mail this week?

(ClockMonster) #3403

I just eat my used up strings. A great source of fiber!


Got a OD Gauntlet this week. I now know for sure that O is my favorite shape. Preference has kind of been up in the air for me, until this point.

(Zakai) #3405

I like that yoyo and the string.


Same here, like they were made for each other. String is a Zipline hulkenstein.

(Joseph) #3407

I got a Magicyoyo Skyva


(Joseph) #3409

How did you get a blizzard!?


In a strange turn of events, I was able to carefully send some money to the kind gentleman who was selling it; and, in return, he agreed to send it to me!

(Joseph) #3411

You are so lucky!!!


I honestly don’t know any better. Are they special? I just thought it looked cool…

(Joseph) #3413

The blizzard is Andrew Maider’s first signature Yoyo, and the firs bi metal Yoyo of CLYW. I, myself, have wanted a blizzard for a long time mainly because it’s a good Yoyo overall, and that I also want to support Andrew, especially because I know him. Please note that I am NOT trying to make you sell the Yoyo to me, you can have it (obviously) I can wait until there is a restock😉


All good information. I’m super pumped to have it. I think it’s probably the nicest throw I own, now. I think it’s going to sit in the box it came in until I feel worthy!

Hahaha! I don’t think this one is going to be for sale. I might actually have to end up selling some of the ones I’ve just bought because the kid’s ER bill sounds like it’s going to be about $1,700.

I forgot to mention, and in an effort to keep this on track, I also got a bunch of strings from YYSL that I’m getting ready to play with!

(eldollo) #3415


I got a few yyf slim 19mm pads of several different colours


I picked up a fairly minty Get This One or aka G.T.O. these Diff’s are the closest you’ll get to actual handmade. Got this one from a Marine.


Several pounds of unwanted solicitations for my vote!


Haha looks great bro


Quail. Nice surprise when the mail came today, arrived a few days early!

(ClockMonster) #3421

How does the Quail differ from the Grail?


Small bearing, very different in play. Takes a little getting used to, but really fun.

Small (A bearing) versus large (C bearing) yoyo play