What did you get in the mail this week?


So much hubstackage


@vegabomb Missed that, would’ve loved to seen what they had. Been searching (kind of) for an original VK.

(Mark) #3323

A box of mystery :ghost:
I’ll post some photos soon, and I’m so glad I got my favorite colors that I’ve seen thus far


Got me a nice new Borealis and $6 Legend fixie. If I’m honest the Legend hasn’t left my side, its so much fun!


Got a B-grade Mitten from Motor City Yoyos, and I REALLY like it. Really great for grinds (in my limited experience with grinds), no vibe, very smooth and stable.

My cat’s name is Mitten…so getting this yoyo was inevitable! :joy:

Also got an Auldey Positron (as opposed to the Turning Point version Positron). The Turning Point Positron is quite expensive, while the Auldey version is $40 from Ali Express. The Auldey version plays very well…but has a shiny, grippy finish that is poor for grinds. The sides have a circular area that is similar to the YYF Shutter that one would think would help with finger spins…but the surface just doesn’t work, even with a yoyo glove. That aside, it is an excellent yoyo.

(Zammy Ickler ) #3326

One of the biggest “nostalgia” haults I ever got.

5 SuperYo Renegegades. (trans red, black, 3 different glow editions)
2 Team Losi Cherry Bombs (green and chrome)
2 Team Losi Da Bombs (green and chrome)
2 Duncan Ballistics
5 Duncan Freehand Ones (1 yellow/yellow, 1 red/white and 3 white/yellow)
2 Duncan Freehand 2 OGs (clear edition)

Yeah, thats a heck of a deal man.


Hatrick! Finally have one to beat up!

(ClockMonster) #3328

This week I received:

  • YYJ SpinFactor X
  • YYF Space Cowboy
  • YYF Confusion
  • YYF RockStar
  • G2 Elite (2018)
  • YYE Competition Bag for 8 yoyos


should’ve gotten a 24 or 48 yoyo case haha

(ClockMonster) #3330

Yeah, no kidding. #IFeelzDumb

(Scotty P) #3331

Yyf koolua edge
Spin dynamics spark
24k strings

(Priyanka) #3332

I got a gorgeous galaxy Shutter Wide Angle!


Got the $20 YYF Wedge and a Yoyo Empire Big Bang. Both great…though the Wedge is fairly vibey (but it still plays very well). Pic will give you an idea of the sizes.

Big Bang is dead smooth.


Yeah POM / Delrin vs regular plastic… that’s not much of a contest :wink:


This! (the quarter is for size reference)

(Scotty P) #3336

(ClockMonster) #3337

(Received last week, actually)

  • YYF Hummingbird

(Mash Mastar) #3338

I got a bunch of bills & some warrants in the mail. Just the usual!

(Tyler) #3339

I posted this in anther topic, but on Thursday my long awaited KnotCreators’ IceWoof came in the mail. Backed a kickstarter for it back in July, throws like a dream.

(ClockMonster) #3340
  • CC AlleyCat 650b
  • G2 Banshee 2018