What did you get in the mail this week?


I ordered this from eBay. Should be getting it tomorrow! It’s a CLYW Cliff. I have no idea if I’m going to like it or not ;D.

(yospeedracer) #3282

new CLYW Scout “Wildfire”


The ebay seller decided to throw in a Grind Machine as well ;D! I have never seen bearings like that before.



Bbdave comes through again. Bought some responsive throws from him. Reminds me of being a teenager. Recess First Base, Core Co Alley Cat and a One Drop Deep State.






The new Duncan Wind Runner :slight_smile:


Got a TopYo Impulse in the mail today, this thing is surprisingly awesome for $30 bux here on yoyoexpert

(Mr. Nathan) #3287

This beautiful pice. A custom anno, soda blasted OD Gauntlet. I’ll just leave this here.



Went from the lonley shutter to almost full in a little over a week but im still going to count it.


I like it! I’m the same way, just keep buying lol


Just to have an excuse to post this picture. I got a First Base and Joyride, too! I also got my ZipLines and some random parts I needed. Just a PSA, if you have an Alley Cat and you need the big pad, you can also get a One Drop Flow Groove in 0.555 in addition to the Chaz Pads YYE sells. I got some of each.

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Monday of a new week, Fixed Axle February is going on, what better time to get this in the mail?


(yospeedracer) #3292

Monkeyfinger 2016 Omnibus

(yospeedracer) #3293


Wow, do Monkeyfinger yoyos come with all that or did you buy extras?

(yospeedracer) #3295

this was the semi annual Omnibus limited release. 10 numbered cans, each can contains; one prime8, one set of matching anodized ape grapes, a pouch for each and custom strings and cords for each. plus a jar of yoyo wax and stickers. the monkeyfinger website releases special artist proofs and limited edition colorways, every once in a while. when you get one of those, you will be amazed at what all comes in your package. monkeyfinger is the king of schwag.


I’m pretty new to yoyo’s. The bug hit me to start learning and reading on this site caused me to want a good one so I got this in the mail today. E-bay purchased but if it was from someone here I thank you. It is in near mint condition. It spins MUCH longer than anything I currently have. It is suppose to be a responsive yoyo but currently does not so I’ll have to learn how to set it up to do that then learn how to do a bind and use it unresponsively.


Some new protos ::slight_smile:


A Hildy Brothers Currier
YYF Legend Wing Cherry Lacquer Finish

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0748/4967/products/Currier-Maple-1_compact.jpg?v=1509145608 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0748/4967/products/Legend-Cherry_compact.jpg?v=1517449562


Can’t wait to get my hands on a 69!

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>


That looks sweeeeet