What did you get in the mail this week?

(yospeedracer) #3261

thanks. i love them

(yospeedracer) #3262

Brand new Clyw Orca


Barracuda Jr!


2nd Zealot and Abduction


DUNE, My first and only clyw unless you count basecamp

(yospeedracer) #3266

Epic mail day. A trade on instagram
G2 world breaker swirl Wolf
Smashing yoyos interlagos


I cannot believe how many yoyos you purchase.


There was one dude on reddit that had 6 full cases of nice throws and he just started throwing in October

(yospeedracer) #3269

I got these in trade. I have been having a blast. For an old man with a bad heart, I feel like a kid, everyday. I play a lot of golf too, want to join me?

(Rock Shouse) #3270

Yes I Do!!! Count me in man!

(yospeedracer) #3271

I’m always down, how close to PHX are you?


PC’d 08 888!

( Adrian Velez) #3273

HaymakerX bb


how’s the haymaker x? SY-010

( Adrian Velez) #3275

The haymaker X is really rim weighted so it spins really fast. Plays pretty neat. I like it a lot.

(yospeedracer) #3276

Zipline and Borealis


I couldn’t resist. I got it from Wish for $6.50. I’m actually pleasantly surprised used. Maybe it’s because I’m new and the nicest yoyo I have is a Joyride but it ain’t bad.


(yospeedracer) #3278



Since I’m in that beginner phase and I hadn’t tried this shape yet, I spent the $8 and picked up this. It’s cheap. Like paperboard side covers cheap. But that’s the point. I can bounce this off the bed frame in my room when I’m too careless and not cry about hurting the anno on an expensive throw. And for the price, I really think it’s pretty awesome. Blows 15 y/o me’s Turbo Bumblebee GT away. I’m pleasantly surprised in more ways than one. Between this, the First Base and the Deep State that should be here next week, my little bag is filling up pretty quick.


Also, finger tape or glove?


( Adrian Velez) #3280

Leviathan 7