What are you throwing in 2019?


Prestige Swirl Hawk from G Squared Yoyos. retired :cry:

(Ethan Phelps) #555

I’ve lately have been digging the Terrarian (pun intended)

({John15}) #556

I usually put my yoyos on the shelf with the cup facing out. Last week, I decided that after I finished using a yoyo, I would put it on my shelf with the string facing out. It pleases me to see that I actually use every single one of my yoyos, because I don’t really think about it very often.

(ClockMonsterLA) #557

Is that your entire collection, Chad?

({John15}) #558

Yes, minus a few cheaper yoyos and fixed axles.


I’ve been using the Bliss CS for a while now, but since the Texas State yoyo contest, I’ve had the SF Statement in my pocket. Very different throws! The Statement isn’t as powerful as the Bliss but it is quite a bit more floaty. I gave it a solid two weeks (with the Raytracer on occasion, but always with the Statement on my person) and I went back to the Bliss Monday of this week, and it’s been with me by itself through yesterday. Today they came together, and I have to say, I don’t think the Bliss has been dethroned, but it definitely has a grand vizier; with evil intentions of taking the throne… to be thrown.




Grendel you only post american made stuff right? Do you ever post OneDrop?

(Victorian YoYos) #562

Pink is cool! :ok_hand:


How would you compare the 3?


Full Ceramic for the AMS - Stainless Steel for the UltraMatte
Lemon/Lime Ammo on both - really love being able to switch between the two…the difference between ano finish/bearing feel create enough variation between the two for me to justify owning a pair :’)

(Mitch ) #565

Man. I need some ultra matte in my life. Very cool pair you have there.


Like this one?

(Parker Merrick) #567

Been throwing this Circle City Muse at work all week and maaaaaaan this thing rules! Gets through my Baby’s First Combo no problem. It’s also my first experience with a thicker string, what a game changer!

(Alexander) #568

I’ve been throwing this pretty much nonstop since I’ve gotten it.

(Victorian YoYos) #569

Just got back from school and took my holster off so here’s what’s in it: General-Yo Prestige raw prototype 1/8


Cadence ES!


featuring a tungsten cube (still waiting for a tungsten ring yoyo to happen)

(Mitch ) #572