What are you throwing in 2019?


I am really loving the shape of that Mayhem!!!

(Josiah Lyons) #475

who here has ever used a yoyo ball?



I only use titanium bimetal yo-yo balls… you peasants

({John15}) #478

Prove it… pics plz

(Jacob Waugh) #479

Just read this out of context… have you tried magnesium?


I bought a Skyva a while back, and for some reason I thought the purple one would look cool. Well, I was wrong, it looks ghastly and it honestly prevented me from even playing with it. I saw Dylan’s newish videos on dying plastic yoyos, so I decided to try and make my Skyva look a bit less lame. And imo it worked. I did the splash pattern thing that Dylan suggested, first time I dyed it in black for 10 minutes. I then scraped everything off and did another splash. It wasnt dark enough so I threw it in the dye for an hour. Now it looks like a nice deep purple and isnt so hideous to look at.

({John15}) #481

Pulled out my Mantis today. I forgot how solid this little guy is. It is not a high performance yoyo, it is simply fun and feels great on the string. It is the perfect diameter, perfect weight, perfect weight distribution, and a simple clean design. This 7075 has a nice crisp *ping with a snappy bind.

I really appreciate the Mantis for what it is :heart:

(ClockMonsterLA) #482

I dig my Mantis(es) too.


Ayy! My man!


one of my favorite photos from 2019


What color pairs best with cult insanity, I wonder?


the color youre missing, of course


Yellow or white imo.

(Justin ) #488

I vote white; it matches the color of the text.

({John15}) #489


(ClockMonsterLA) #490

White, for the reason @threebearrries mentioned.


All these answers are so wrong! I am kicking you all out of my cult.


I was gonna say pink

(InvaderDust) #493

Puffin1 today. This is such a chill throw. So soft, so laid back. Totally fits my mood today after a hard days work.