What are you throwing in 2019?


To be honest I don’t really know. I got mine from a webstore that was having a sale last summer so I spent less than £20 on it, I found the build quality feels a little bit cheap and the bearing was stuck really REALLY tight (even pliers wouldn’t remove it). If I spent the full cost have probably sent it back.

It is very stable and has a nice wide catch zone, really good for learning new tricks on as it is very stable.

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What kind of yo-yo is that? If you don’t mind me asking?



Mutant DNA


The Magnum? It’s a magnesium one of 48 from General Yo. My buddy Ernie made it.


This baby

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Still throwing this yoyo I made. Starting to get a lot of wear!!


Weekday Gram!

Gonna try to give the other half of this to @batracTheLooper if I can as he is the guru of undersized throws…


Nice DNA. Wish I picked one up back in the day when they were readily available. I myself still throw my stacked yoyos more than everything else I own.


Throwing around my new One Drop Top Deck…

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So? How do you like it?


Very. Different. I love it. I am bit uncoordinated today so my misses are getting me down but I really like the feel of it. I followed the advice of @zslane and put in a concave bearing which I like better than the stock flat. I put on a Monkey Vines Phat. Definitely feels a lot different than anything I have. I love the faint ringing sound.

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That 7075 feels a lot different, huh?


Right, right, different type of aluminum. It sounded different when I was hitting it with a hammer.

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Sounds like beefhook is coming along nicely…


I’ve been a vegetarian since 1986. Thank you. I’m practicing an obscure trick called Bag O Carrots.

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That strange, new feeling you are experiencing is called high performance. :sunglasses:


Got my first wooden yoyo at last! OUT’s Just For Fun, and it really is fun to throw. Ever since rediscovering yoyo ive basically decided to jump fully into the unresponsive game, and this is a really nice throwback to the feel I always remembered. Except instead of a Duncan Butterfly, it is a crafted wooden throw, and it feels much better. Awesome stuff, I can see myself playing with this thing a lot.


I decided to get my ONedrop Benchmark 2016 O out this morning for the first time this year. I adore this thing and every time I play with it I realise just how much I need to get me some more Organic shaped yoyos


It’s a fun throw. Would’ve kept the stacks on but the mutant is ridiculously heavy so I took them off.


Northern spin Aurora