What are some interests of yours (besides yo-yoing) that are under appreciated?


I was just looking around the forums and found this topic:

I read that and thought, I have many interests that get that reaction.  Not just yo-yoing.

So my question is, what are some interests of yours (besides yo-yoing) that are underrated/under appreciated?

It can be a hobby, a book, a movie, anything.

As stated above, I have many a thing to post, but I want to see if this topic catches on. :wink:

(Shisaki) #2

Pen spinning, very cheap hobby if you dont want to make pens and very fun but very under appreciated, I mean when I do it my friends are like “nerd…”


Speed Stacking




paper sculpture

(Mark) #6

Oh my goodness!!! I do something similar! Paper Architecture.

Guitar, Rubiks Cube, Harmonica, frisbee.

(Shisaki) #7

guitar, rubiks cube, and frisbee aren’t really under sppreciated.


skimboarding, longboarding, and parkour fosho

(Mark) #9

In my area, yes it is. Also, Magic.

(Shisaki) #10

I DO MAGIC!!! And there are shows about them so i wouldn’t consider them under appreciated IMO.


i do dice stacking. i got bored one summer and wanted to learn something new. it was fun


Ultimate Frisbee, Disc Golf, Longboarding, Building SandCastles.

(Mitch) #13

I enjoy reading, which in my school is veiwed as nerdy…

I love chess, Im awful but I love it.

I also play Dungeons and Dragons (Got a level 10 variant ranger baby!) … It is so looked down at at school but my city has a crazy underground following

I like playing golf, (Not serious but just for fun with my dad)

I also collect P.E.Z. dispensers and anything that has to do with Snoopy or Peanuts in general… (Getting a snoopy pez tears me in two, “Which shelf???”)


Rubik’s cubes, Clipping nails, Pen spinning, Monkey bars, getting skinned by the monkey bars…


Uuurrrgghhh? I have no idea…

(system) #16

:heart::heart::heart::heart:I love "Synonym threads!":heart::heart::heart::heart:

(JayVee) #17

I like to do lots of unusual things(at my school). I solve Rubik’s Cubes, Speedstack(not much anymore though :(), play WoW(it was unappreciated, but it’s starting to get around), and magic tricks(card tricks mostly–Jumping Gemini FTW! :)).


[quote] Chess.
I do all of those things. XD

[quote] Pen spinning, very cheap hobby if you dont want to make pens and very fun but very under appreciated, I mean when I do it my friends are like “nerd…”
goes and looks up pen spinning.

I really don’t need another hobby…but that looks very cool!

Prepare yourself for my (very long) list:
Silhouette Portraiture, Hair Wraps, Miniatures, Cootie Catchers, Steampunk.

The Edge Chronicles - Perhaps my favorite book series ever. In fact, its where I got my avatar:http://www.weirdnewworlds.com/blog/?p=199

That series gets such little love, especially here in the US. I had to buy the last book from ebay because they’re not going to sell it over here.

It’s the best book in the series by the way. ;D

Also, for the person who said parkour, I recamend the Barnaby Grimes series. It’s by the same authors as EC and the main character has a job inspired by parkour. (I really need to get around to learning some of that…)

(Yo!It'sMatt) #19

Only my friend and I breakdance pretty much.


And you guys still suck :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I’m just kidding Matt!!!