We should so do this!


Ok so you guys know how on Yahoo in the in the sort of upper right corner of the page it has a list of top 10 searches that are currently trending? I say Wed the 22 at 7:30PM eastern time we all search YoyoExpert on yahoo and see if we can get it trending.


that sounds cool. which day?


tommorrows to short notice you should give it some time and let it build up like some time next week after you get enough replies to this post, this way we have enough people to make an impact.


I’m in but it should be later so more people see it.


This is an awesome idea… I’m in!


Ok you guys are right. I changed it.


Haha coolness.


that, Would be amazing to see yoyoexpert as one of the top searches, that could probably bring about more yoyers, like a little "raise the awareness/awesomeness of yoyos activity.


Too bad I’m going to be in some school trip. I wish I could join in. But I wish this project good luck, and I hope it’s successful!

(Mi) #10

We can all meet on chat and orchestrate it.


Alright, today’s the day. 7:30PM Eastern.

(Mi) #12

7:30 PM Eastern is 11:30 PM my time.


If you can tell me what time that is for me (anchorage AK), then I’m in

(Mi) #14

Alaska is GMT -9. I’m GMT -4 so Subtract 5 from mine. You get 6:30 PM.


Didn’t work. We should try again some other time though.

(Jei Cheetah) #16

Guys. the top searches are getting millions of hits. Even if our entire forum community searched yye, it still wouldn’t be up there.