Want Yuuki Song In Worlds '07???


just download ↓↓↓



(Mark) #2

I don’t think downloading songs for free is legal… I mean if its being sold somewhere, its probably not legal to be free on the internet. If it was legal, then wouldn’t the sales of audio files be extinct? Also, the artists won’t get as much money they need to keep going.

(JonasK) #3

To underline what Mage said. Dowloading pirate copies of songs is illegal. So please do not post links to pirated material on this site.

I a try to make you stop downloading pirated music, I highly recommend using Spotify. It gives you access to almost every song put on a record. Note that you cannot download songs from Spotify, that is one of the reasons why it is legal.

Spotify can be gotten here: www.spotify.com
Free invites can be found here:http://spotify.mikromann.net/ (norwegian site, use google translator or your brain. You can also try to google free spotify invites. Or you can pay for premium.

(Mark) #4

Thank you Pheenix.

(JonasK) #5

It is great that you found Spotify to be good (I got the impression that you got it now). As I said, Spotify is a really good program which is running on my computer as I am writing this post. Just to underline: Free and legal access to almost all music

Note that some artists does not have an agreement with Spotify, Beatles, AC/DC, Metallica etc.