wanna help with an idea for a sticker?


I’ve been in Iraq for some time (3 months 2 more to go!) and people around base have been makeing stickers and tagging the base up left and right, since after we leave, the Iraqi millitary will be assumeing command, so now I’m trying to come up with a sticker to leave my mark, i can only order at least 100 from stickerjunkie.com so it has to be good, i wanted to go with something yoyo related so i came up with;


but i also wanted it to relate with the military or the war, or even the long amount of time were spending sitting around on our a**'s waiting to go home, so i thought

I rocked the cradle
walked the dog (cause everyone knows those 2)
and did the Matrix at JBB

but meh don’t know bout that one a buddy of mine gave me a couple recently that i thought was pretty sweat;
(GO1B) Para 2.M.(Prohibited Activities): the participation,
solicitation, or contemplation of any fun or morale boosting
activities is strictly prohibited-BOHICA :frowning:

that one whent perfect on my yoyo case which is made from an old first-aid kit.

so if you guyz wanna’ throw some ideas at me i’d grately appreciate it :wink:

(SR) #2

Hmmm, Military themed and yoyo related. I have the perfect thing:


you could do something with the yoyo being the grenade? or mabye knocking out a taliban with your yoyo? i dont really know. maybe have someone in cartoon form with bandaliers holding a bunch of yoyos


how about guns shooting purple heart ministars? (you are making peace, because yoyoing creates peace


oh oh i know
u should have a purple heart ministar, and under it have " for all my fallen comrades" or something like that


those are all great ideas but the site I’m going to (stickerjunkie.com) only does text stickers, unless you guys know of a site were i can do all that I’ll keep searching around though see if i can do more with this sticker other than what that site has to offer, in the meanwhile anyone got any text based ideas?


try www.zazzle.com you can put any pics and any text on the stickers.