video editing


Does anyone know any good, free video editing software. im fed up with WMM.

also webcam software. the stuff my computer came with was crap and right now im using AVS which has a slow recording rate.


WMM is what I use, it works great.


well, okay my problem is that it recognizes AVI as audio instead of video. That, and you cant place text where you want on the screen because everything is preset.


I used WMM because it was the only thing that worked on my computer but the video camera we got came with a built in video editing program so I’ll use that from now on.


When you drag an .avi on the timeline, drag it onto the video track, not the audio track. Thats probably your problem.

And yes, the text thingy sucks.

I recommend getting a sony vegas 7/8/9 trial. You can also steal one from torrent.


well i have programs like Adobe after effects and premiere … i might be able to give them to you if you had a skype account …you need to have a basis knowlege of installing files in a off manner …these may not be the most legal copies …and there is really no point in gettin them unless you really want to get into film editing. like i have these cauz i hope to make a career out of film editing


Yeah, I just got a pirated version of Sony Vegas 8. It works great.


But be careful when getting pirated versions, the pirate might have put a virus in it.

But still, its like 600-800 dollars for the real version, so lots of people get pirated versions.


yea i tried SV8 but my highschool class taught me in Adobe so i just picked that up but i have heard that SV8 works well