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Okay so I FINALLY got a new camera recently, and now I can FINALY start making yoyo videos. But the stupid problem is that it downloads in a Quicktime file (MPEG), and it won’t import into Windows Movie Maker. GRR. Does any one know of a good, reputable, easy, and free converter that I could use that will not give me viruses, or any crapware?


once downloaded click add files and add your clips and put them undr wmv


I’d highly recommend MediaCoder for more advanced users. It converts almost anything into almost anything.

Otherwise, you can try an online converter. works really well, but has a 100 MB file limit, so it’ll work as long as your video isn’t too long.

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I’ve tried both of them, and AVS puts a watermark on my video and the quality SUCKS, and the other one just flat out doesn’t make sense. Is there like an editing software I could use that accepts MPEG files, and you could upload it from there? Free, easy, no watermarks, good quality. I’m sorry, i’m kinda picky.

I think they have a free one
It’s great


on windows movie maker it does but save it to your computer and it will be so much better trust me its what i use


He just said that it won’t work with WMM because it’s an MPEG-2.

I’ve used “Any Video Converter” with success. It’s somewhat slow on converting, but it’s worked when I’ve needed it to.


Nothing I know of that isn’t paid for, and runs on Windows.

But once again, MediaCoder or MediaConvert. Neither put watermarks and can convert almost anything, you could just convert and use Movie Maker.

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I remembered a friend telling me about an editing software he uses called adobe premiere, I saw him use it, and I think it accepts MPEG files too. I remember it being really cool. I am currently downloading a free trial, so yeah. I’ll just upload it through that. Thanks for your help though. I tried. Hehe


Free(dom) Software will always pwn paid.


Youtube Downloader saved my life on a project once.

It was meant for converting previously downloaded videos but it works well actually.


Don’t convert it, just get the codecs.

Install that baby and your computer will recognize near any video type. The only one I’ve run into that didn’t work would be realmedia, a bad format that I rather despise.

If you get that… Never convert again!


:o  this blew my mind…


Just… Install it. Regardless of how mind-blowing it may be.

In the installation, just keep the defaults and just press OK. Kind of like software contracts. :slight_smile: