Ok, when John N. (I know he was fake) was on here, he made a thread about selling his New Breed. yoyoking911 got it, but since he was fake, did he scam yoyoking911. Or, I don’t know, anyone have the answer? ???


YoYoKing was john N.

Long story…


That’s SO not cool. 8)


So he had two accounts?



Long Story:

[i]Ok, this is wierd, I messaged John N. a while back about local yoyoing and such and I never got a reply. Today I sent a message saying “Did you get my message”

YoYoKing911 replied a few minutes later saying

“hey evan got your message, sure, when i get home cause i on a vacation and cannot mail anything, just give me your address cause i have like twelve of them,or more lost some”

I dont have my message but I said:

“Wait, Who are you?”

He said:

dear evan, ok the truth is yoyoking911 is my account for trading and shipping so that i could keep my info private got it, and if you ask why i ask all those beginner questions on the web its for a friend.still remember to keep this a secret okay

So I repeated:

Who are you?

He answered:

john narum. the one you asked to send you a black knight

True I did, how did he know that?

I said :

Ok, I have to test you:

What was your Elementry School Principal’s name?

(I went to his school)

He said:

wait a second evan how would you know my principal’s name unless you go to my school and i don’t recall anybody named evan.

So i was going to reply, but I cant message him, I cant even message John Narum.

I feel a need to tell you this because I didn’t want to make a post but please help me![/i]

I sent this to Andre…


Ok, thanks for explaining.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #7

You didn’t keep your secret Evan!



That was a long time ago…

John isn’t on any forums, only yoyoing.com now and then…

(Yo!It'sMatt) #9

Oh :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t know that.