Update 29.06.19 FS: Old stuff. CLYW, SPYY, HSpin, OD, YYF, Anti-Yo, and more


Cutting collection once more. Good oldschool stuff :slight_smile:

Shipping worldwide for $15 for one yoyo, in case of multiplies contact me, i need to calculate. Add 4% to cover Paypal fees.


  1. SPYY Skyy Chaser (orange, C-size bearing) - $70
  2. SPYY Radian Gen2 (blue with white splashes, like new) - $80
  3. SPYY Ronin (dark grey acid wash, like new) - $80
  4. SPYY+CLYW Galactic Goose (brown acid wash, like new) - $150 - SOLD
  5. OD Dietz (YYE colorway, like new) - $65
  6. OD PreAnniversary Markmont Next (PALMN) (sodablasted, like new) - $80
  7. OD Benchmark V-shape (2013 series) (snowpocalypse, like new) - $50
  8. Anti-Yo Bapezilla 2 (green/blue, like new with pouch) - $140 - SOLD
  9. CLYW Pickaxe (Forever Summer, one ano flaw, can be seen at picture) - $70
  10. HSpin Pyro Light Ice #6 (blue/silver with snowflakes, couple rubs, with tube) - $130 - SOLD
  11. HSpin The Cut #58 (raw, like new, with box) - $80
  12. YYF Monster DNA (brown acid wash with silver splashes, like new, with box) - $100 - SOLD
  13. ILYY E1ns 09 (rare purple, one scratch, with red velvet pouch) - $120
  14. Yomega Prodigy (black with yellow/white splash, like new) - $50
  15. YYF 888GT (aqua, like new, with box) - $50
  16. Dif-e-Yo Internal Turmoil (raw, factory satined, raw marks, with box) - $45
  17. Cold Metal Ice Cream (raw, oxidized, raw marks) - $25
  18. Yoyojam Speedmaker (swapped halves to recessed brakes on both sides, some minimal damage, still spins OK for plastic) - $10

More pics in Google drive - https://drive.google.com/…/1cgCEPp6VA3QgKt-88E2l8geZhP740ht…

I tried to set fair prices. If you want to get them cheaper, send me an offer, let`s talk.
Worst i could say is “no”.

Only trade option is SPYY Radian Super Light (RSL).


What is the blue in the rims of the turmoil?

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It is rubber weight rings, a thing that all Difs known by.

Thread to the top.

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I find it hard to believe people have to ask this. :upside_down_face:


Don’t know anything about Dif-e-yo

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Nothing unbeleivable here, everyone in community once been novices and knew nothing.


The turmoil has recesses deep enough to silicone. I had one, wish I kept it.

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True. I filled them with silicone when pads worn out. If you miss it, you can buy mine :slight_smile:

BTW, to the top.

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Дружище, отправляешь в Украину?

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