Undersized Plastic


i know there is some undersized like the mosquitos and other duncans but it would be nice to have some great yoyos by yyf or yyj wut do you think


It would be, but with plastic being much lighter and less dense than metal, it’s hard to do that.

(JayVee) #3

It might be possible to make undersized plastics with metal weight rings like what the Legacy has, but like Brian said, it’s gonna be hard to do that.


(JackG) #5

xconvict it half half and its small


thats VERY different, the metal rimmed yyj’s have a ton of rim weight. imagine an x con that was all plastic, it probably wouldnt be that good



And I think Gung-Fus are undersized.


Didn’t think about those two. I’d say both are undersized. To be fair though, that’s different than the “plastic” used it yoyos, obviously not counting delrin. (Polycarbonate…)

So yes, those two would be some undersized plastics. :slight_smile:

(Jei Cheetah) #9

Its a truly sad day when people forget the Buzz-on Menehune…


What if we like Full-Sized…?


Then get a legacy or a kickside and LEAVE NOW EVAN! Lol jk Evan.

I think a undersized celcon yoyo in the shape of a gung, DV888, or the CU would be awesome. The luce by 3yo3 is TINY but has no rim weight and bad balance.


i never thaught about that

(G5) #13

There should be a mighty flea sized yoyo that is all metal with a plastic coat covering it.

(Bradley Moss) #14

I agree, I really need to find another one of those, I had one a looong time ago ('06 maybe?) and I kinda miss it…