Under One Year YoYo Battle Poll/Videos


Pajama Man 8398 (8 Months)

Wretched Rapture (7 Months)

throwrw (9 Months)

akemper1394 (9 Months)

JamesMay (2 Months)

BenM36 (7 Months)

Feel free to leave comments for places (1st, 2nd, etc.), criticism, and views on people’s style/whatever.


I voted for throwrw. I just felt that he has the most developed style.

akemper1394 has a very relaxing flow when he throws. I would give him a close 2nd place.

Wretched Rapture definitely has skill, I just think he needs to be a little more creative. I would put him at 3rd place.


Thank you for your input. It caused me to see I forgot to put the link in for my video. I’ll put it in tomorrow. I’m tired.


Thanks a lot for the feedback, man! It’s definitely encouraging! This was my first video and I really didn’t even expect to be much of a competitor, everyone on here is such a quick learner. Your video is absolutely great for 2 months, and Throwrw is amazing for 9 months. I can’t see myself being that good in just two more months, but I’ll definitely have fun trying. ;D


I agree that wretched could have been a little more of a variety of tricks… but i really really like his style/flow so i voted for him :slight_smile:

edit: Wooooow i didnt even see that james has only been yoyoing for 2 months, That ridiculously good for 2 months!

(Jerrod) #6





Bumper Cars. :o


throwr by far, no contest.




Blaow. When does this end? O.o’