under 119.99

(JackG) #1

i won and they actually paid me $120 i mean i didnt expect any money,maybe a ribbon or something
since i yoyo in the show, im getting yoyos with the money
any advice for something 119.99 or down?


Well, you could save the money.

If you really wanna get some yoyo stuff with it, what are your preferences? Big, small, wide, narrow, shape?

(JackG) #3

i like small yoyos with a wide gap.
that is all that really matters to me


Well you probably aren’t going to get a very small one with too wide of a gap. Some good metal options are the M1, L3, fundaMETAL line, Catch13, Boss, 888, Skyline, and many more that I can’t think of.

(JackG) #5

im thinking skyline


Project 2?

(JonasK) #7

Try a Skyy chaser or an EneMe.

(SR) #8

What did you win? And take a look at the FundaMETALS, they are cheap so you will have money left over.

(JackG) #9

oh woops, a talent show

(JayVee) #10

I’ve been doing some research lately, and these yo-yos particularly caught my eye.

  1. Kyo Senza Nome

  2. Turning Point

  3. K2J Warning Line

I don’t know about your preferences, so I suggest you take a look at these yo-yos. They’re all under 120 dollars, and they look really good.

(JackG) #11

yeah i really like the warning line by k2j
might go with it

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(Mitch) #13