UFOs and USOs


Does anybody believe in UFOs or USOs? Some people who dont know what those stand for…UFOs are unidentified flying objects. USOs are unidentified sub-marine objects. If you do say yes or no


Yup, i believe in UFO’s, air planes can be ufo’s, birds can be UFO’s, I could be a UFO So duh i believe in them.

USO At the beach and in the swimming pool, people go sub-marine, so yes.


yes I do

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What Rsmod123 said is partially incorrect as UFOs means unidentified flying objects, so air planes, birds and himself(???) are not UFOs because they are already identified as air planes, birds, etc.

As for his claim on USOs, similarly, people who go sub-marine are not USOs either as they are already identified as, well, people!(duh)

Now back to topic…

I personally believe in UFOs as according to research, 5% to 20% of all classified UFO sightings are unidentified flying objects in the strictest case(completely unknown to mankind and cannot be explained).

As for USOs, I believe in them as quite a lot of reports with eyewitness accounts, videos and sonar detection of USOs(eg. Loch Ness monster) still cannot be explained today.


I dont believe in aliens in concern of UFOs, but i do think that some people may try to invent something that flyes, other people see it from far and… AAAAAAAHHH ALIENS!!!

as for USOs, there are tons of unknown animals in the bottom of the sea, so i do believe in USOs


Humans can be uso/ufos if you don’t know what they are. If its a cloudy day, and you see some shadow in the clouds, even if its a skydiver and you don’t know what it is, its still a ufo. A bird that you don’t know is a bird is a ufo. If you see a piece of dirt flying around and you don’t know what it is, its a ufo. Thats why when you see flying saucers, and you don’t know that its a kitchen utensil, you think its a ufo.


NO, because identified doesnt apply to the people seeing the thing
It means that if we were to capture the “unknown object” and examined it, we would NOT know what it is. Something not seen before


Ah, so a bird could be a ufo right?


if it has never been seen before then yes
not referring to it as an individual but as a new unknown species