(JosephP) #1

Anyone here use Ubuntu?


I run it in Virtual Box when I get fed up with Windows.

(Mi) #3

I use MiBuntu. :wink:


I use it and its variants. Is it one of the greatest operating systems available? Yes.

(Kyle V.) #5

I have used it, but due to the fact that my dad and I set it up the quick-and-easy way (didn’t partition the computer properly somehow), it had a lot of issues. So, I hardly ever use it anymore.


I tried it as a dual boot with my vista. I loved it, but certain programs would only work on windows, so i went back to vista…and couldn’t load it. Ubuntu replaced the windows boot loader with GRUB which wouldn’t recognize vista as an OS (i dont really blame it, vista is such a horrible OS >.<).

I had to reprogram the windows boot loader from scratch (THAT was a pain) and completely wipe my hard drive of every scrap of data. It took me 2 straight days to fix it. Now, im not a fan of ubuntu or any linux OS.


Grub will recognize just about any form of Windows. It sounds like you are blaming Linux for you yourself failing to do your research and set everything up properly.

(Mi) #8

There is nothing wrong with Linux beyond your inability to understand it.