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What countries have you travelled to? What is your favorite? Why?


Canada, Japan, Singapore, USA, New Zealand and later this year I will be adding England, Korea and Czech Republic to that list. And I 've travelled around Australia - but I live here so its not quite the same.

I don’t really have favourite because each was with a different group of people and they all have their own good memories, and are all so different from each other.


The United States and Canada, Mexico, Greenland, Japan, the PRC, Hong Kong and Macau, Australia (mostly the NT, Alice Springs area), all of the United Kingdom, Germany (stationed there for a while, so were my folks years before I was), South Africa, the list goes on…

I’ve been real lucky to have seen the places that I have. Some interesting things in the world.

Edit: A favorite place, eh? I’ll have to think about that one…


Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Washington D.C., New york, Canada, New jersey and i think thats all. My favourite is New York, because its like the only place where i had a chance to experience snow.

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For me, it is Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea.

My favourite place is Korea because it is the only place I got to experience snow and the weather is just nice at -10 to 0 degrees Celsius.