[Trading] YoyoFriends, YYF [LF: OD, A-RT, No-Jive]

YoyoFriends RayTracer: Has one very thin and short line on the orange side. No box. Blue/Orange HalfSwap, smoothest bimetal I have ever tried.

2Sick Flank: Hint of nail vibe, but mint. Probably tune-able, never even bothered. No box. [GONE]

OST Quint: Has one spot, nothing else. Smooth, I have the box. [GONE]

YYF B-Grades: Marco, Paolista, Horizon. They all have a bit of nail vibe they came with. Marco is mint, Paolista has a line, Horizon has only one spot. I can trade some of these for a Kendama.

Trades: Located in EU, consider shipping beforehand. I like to hear any offer. Let me know if you’d like to buy. Can add for my wants.
Wants: CLYW: Avalanche, Canvas, Pickaxe, Wooly Marmot // One Drop: Markmont Classic, Panorama, Overture, Eclipse // A-RT: Grail, Triptych, DK // Static: Sudo, Parlay // Heaven Sent Creep // G2 Respawn


Would you sell that Marco?