Trade stats from the old forum are back!


User page, summary, scroll down


The feedback system as it was was helpful. Here’s how. If I was going to make a trade with someone I could look at their feedback and they could look at mine. I would never make a trade where I shipped at the same time if the person wasn’t a known individual with feedback. If a newer member wanted to trade I would tell them I’d be happy to trade as long as they shipped first and allowed me to receive the item before I shipped. I was able to show those members my trade count and put them at ease in doing so. I gives a bit of security to the members that have been around for a while and have built up transactions with feedback.


Totally agree. It gives some sense of security in the deal.

As it stands with the current situation, only legacy members past trades are recorded. New members and future trades are excluded. You guys did a lot of work for essentially an archive feature. It serves no purpose going forward.


You mean like this? :wink:

my feedback

your feedback

The only thing really missing is a connection between that topic and a “feedback” button on the user card, as pictured:


I mean c’mon. There really isn’t an argument that having the feedback as threads made by members is superior to having it directly attached to the members profile right? :grinning:

They both work, one just (in my opinion) works better. The separate thread feedback system potentially fails due to people not realizing that the thread exists for a member. I’m sure that as I write this I can find more than one thread about the same member.

Having a single spot to click on with a solid number to look at is just easier than searching for potentially multiple threads.


But it would be, if that button on the person’s usercard brought you to the topic for that person. That’s directly attached.


Agreed. That would work. I would like to see a hard number for people to look at but if not possible or too difficult what you’ve suggested would work I think.


Went to summary for my profile, scrolled to where you said. Here is what it looked like.


I think it is missing from the dark theme cc @johani?


Oh, it does show if I switch to light. Interesting…


Sorry about that, our bad. @johani will take a look.


That’s no problem! There is always bound to be a few issues that need to be fixed :slightly_smiling_face:

(Johani Faris) #33

Yeah, that’s totally on me. I forgot to add it to the dark theme. I just did that and it should work the same way on both the dark and light themes.

Thanks for the heads up @WH0TH3MAN :+1:


The problem with the feedback topic posting is that you can’t get a complete picture of the person, as everyone who trades with them makes a new topic post about it rather than making their comments in an existing post topic. There’s no continuity.

Yeah, I know, I could search the feedback section for user billy bob, but that still disjointed and cumbersome compared to the old system.


Well no … the idea is that everyone replies to the person’s topic, so there is one feedback topic per person. You can see there are several responses in the topic for the same person, each of those replies represents a trade or sale, etc.


Ummm,no, they don’t. Mostly each person starts their own new topic. You are selective in what you see and quote.


I’ve merged any duplicates I’ve seen in the past, there should not be dupe person feedback topics.

Easy enough to solve with a simple rule — and having one place to click to find the “right” feedback topic (click da big button on the user card) should make it simple for everyone to find the one topic to leave feedback for a given person.

I am a big fan of “the simplest thing that works” and I think there is a strong case to be made that this is simple, and could work?


Good stuff!

42% my butt!


So, is it that the Discourse crew can’t code a real feedback system like we used to have and integrate it with the old feedback? Reading between the lines that’s what it seems like. Seems that a simple link button is all that wants to be done.


The hosting contract we currently have here doesn’t cover custom development fees, no. We generally require an enterprise hosting contract for that, plus a significant hourly rate on top.

Improvements to the normal workflow of Discourse are always in progress, of course!