In Oklahoma yesterday there were 36 Tornadoes. So far there were only 4 deaths which isn’t to bad but terrible none the less. We saw a snake like Tornado over our town but it was nothing. There were a few that were massive. None like the May 3rd Tornado that was the largest and most devastating Tornado ever recorded. Some were the same size as that one but the wind speeds were a lot lower.
We survived easily and were totally excited at the same time. We love Tornadoes. Yes we are strange like that!

(M²) #2

huh, that was interesting. ok moving on with life.

(Jei Cheetah) #3

I really want to see a tornado one day in person.
I can’t say that you all in OK are “Lucky” to have tornadoes, but it is something I really want to see myself.

Glad you are all ok.


(M²) #4

theres a nova on tonight about called super twisters… to bad i won’t be around to see it. :frowning:


Seems to be a trend. When I was in St. Louis for MoYo States there was a Tornado touch down about 3 miles from my mother’s house. Then when I got home in Tennessee there was a massive storm. There was at least 1 reported Tornado touch down, and Flooding! LOTS OF FLOODING! My Townhouse became an Island. We were completely cut off. Lucky we didn’t get any Flooding inside, but everything around our parking lot was a lake, or sea.

I used to want to be a storm chaser. Don’t think I could do it as a career, but I enjoy storms. Seen tornadoes and all kinds of bad weather. Worst storm I ever saw never even had a tornado. Was a massive thunder and electrical storm back when I lived in St. Louis. Knocked out the entire city’s power for some areas up to 2 weeks. National Emergency was declared, and a lot of people showed up with water and power company trucks to help with repairs.

Glad to hear everyone in the Icthus house is alright. Sorry to hear about the 4 that died.


I’m lucky, I live in sunny old England! ;D

I wisj it was sunny everyday!

Also just wondering if anyone knows or has seen anything to do with that oil spill?

(JosephP) #7

Did you get any pics?

(Mack) #8

i totally agree, i would love to see a tornado at least once in person, and i bet once would be enough!


You see one you want to see more. Pics later.


And I’m glad to live in sunny/rainy California!


I personally never want to see a tornado in person (I’ve had a phobia of tornado’s ever sense I was a little kid, I think it’s because I watched Twister and Night if the Twisters a few too many times with my mom when I was little :slight_smile: )… Which is fun seeing as I’ve lived in “Tornado Alley” my entire life. First St. Louis, MO. then Owensboro, KY. And now Memphis, TN… But here in Memphis I made my room in the old storm shelter in our basement ;D
Though I have gone storm chasing with one of my friends who is a semi-professional storm chaser. It seems that I am a lot more calm when I’m in a car opposed to when I’m in a house… Go figure.

Glad you’re ok man.

(Justin the JeeJaw) #12

tornado, earthquake, volcano… omg!! the world is coming to end!

(M²) #13

toto, i don’t think were in kansas anymore…


awesome storms get me all excited but i dont like the damage they do
once we had a huge hurricane here(yes a hurricane in croatia :D) and lightning hit our house and we had a loose wire sticking out of the wall and boom electricity jumped out and almost hit ny dad :open_mouth:
but that was the only time in my life that happend so im haappy :slight_smile:


I highly doubt that!


Global Warming? It’s raining in May here, and I don’t think that happens much… it’s like once a week rain… normally, in CA, it’s all sunny… :’(


I don’t believe in global warming ;D besides if it was global warming then it should be sunny, BUT WAIT if there is more sun then there should be more evaporation which means more rain! I thought the world gets hotter and we all die…( by the way, there was a global cooling about 50 years ago or something and people were panicking about it XD)

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All we know really is that the average tempature of earth has gradually increased. And the polar ice caps ARE melting and not refreezing fast enough resaulting in the death of many seals. Also it has caused polar bears, to move south in to grizzarly bear country, were they are called… pizzly bears… the shame…


I know. melting caps=more water=more rain! Maybe… :’( I know way more about yoyos than global warming.


Actually some scientists are currently talking about a global cooling starting up. By the fact that most winters are getting longer and colder. Areas that don’t normally get snow are now actually getting twice the recorded high for the area. Quite frankly science has no real proof of the reasons behind warming or cooling. They aren’t 100% sure why the ice caps are melting, or why summers are getting hotter and winters getting colder, with shorter fall and spring seasons (if any). Last I checked all of their reasons causing this were theory and not hard facts.

Modern science is moving further away from fact, and further into theory. Something I find quite irritating personally. In the last year I have heard 10 theories scientists have accepted as fact, without any proof what so ever to back up the theory. Someone just went “OH! This is how it SHOULD work!”