Top 10 satisfying gaming moments...


Hello again, fellow gamers. I was just wondering what you guys feel are the most satisfying moments in the history of games. I’ve compiled my opinions (and a good bit of work) into this top ten list: the first full length episode of my podcast.

Feel free to post constructive criticism, your personal picks for a top 10 list like this, or anything else you have to say.

Thanks a lot, guys. Game on!

(JackG) #2

why waste time with video games?


when my xbox 360 broke and i stopped playing video games, in fact the last time i played a video game was a few months ago when i was playing CoD 4 with a few friends and got a headache because i hadnt played in so long


Ok ahem…

Metroid… The end. it is probably the most besterest game in the universe… any of them… Look for other M in 2010!!
Seriously that was a good podcast I like gaming almost as much as yoyoing if not more depending on the game I just bought or the trick I just learned… Some afterthoughts… Personally here’s my list changes

team foretress before resident evil and Any of the Metroids instead of duck hunt…


Yeah, DuckHunt was an intentional anti-climax in a way, but it added some comic relief and is something everyone can relate to. If I had done the #1 spot any other way, I’d have been reading hate mail for a while.


No problem ;D really it was very informitive (I had never heard of battle toads :slight_smile:


if you hold a magnifying glass at the front of the gun when you play duck hunt it will shoot everything on the screen all at once, ive done it 8)

(Jei Cheetah) #8

I do not have a top 10.

Only 1.

The satisfaction of never playing video games.


(Infinite Chaos) #9

Maybe you’ve just never tried? It’s very entertaining :smiley:

(PHAZZE) #10

Never? im pretty sure every american has played pac-man or atari…