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OMG he’s everywhere! We finally see his face.

(if this should be moved to nyyr I’ll move it)

(SR) #2

That fool, LOL! ;D


I don’t see what’s so amazing about this. And yes I was there for this whole event.


He was already on youtube…



He subbed to me. ;D

(Mitch Ginder) #6

Well then, guess I missed that


What’s the name of his account?

Happy Throwing! =]

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I just checked it and there are no videos of him on there Evan so I dont know what you were saying…


Why in the world did yu tarnish this forum for? Bringing his name here is like the plague.

I know, I know. He says he’s changed. Maybe he did but I think he needs a little more time before he can gain any type of respect. I can’t stand beggars and liars!

Well Illegitimate beggers. Some people just can’t help it.


my question is why r u guys talking about him what did he do?


Tomonzzz lied, begged for free stuff, got banned from forums, came back, says he’s changed, begs again, and repeat, again and again and again.

I can’t really understand your sentence all too well, so just to clarify, tomonzzz isn’t associated with Spencer. Well, at least not that I know of.


I hope I can say this —

In before the Lock.


ohh sorry i fixed it


Who knew tomonzz was an adult?


No one.

Because he isn’t an adult.
And I’ve seen tomonzz waaay long ago.


He was asking for stuff almost six months ago.

(JonasK) #17

Honestly, this guys just makes me mad. His name makes me mad. He has signed up on this forum two times. First, hes gined up with his original name, Tomonzzz.

After 15 minutes talking with him I despised him. I first talked to him two days after I got my SpeedMaker. I had used a lot of money on shipping and customs for it, it was the most precious thing in the World. He kept begging for it. I said that no matter how bad his fropped (spelling error intended) FHZ was messed up. I even said I lived in Norway and shipping would be a pain, but he still begged for it. I didn’t see his name on here after that.

He turned up again though, under the name of pro_yoyoer. I saw him posting in the BST, and simple logics lead to the fact that pro_yoyoer was tomonzzz. I got really mad by just finding out that he had signed up here and wanted to report him, I decided not to though. So while I was posting at the Nation, I saw a thread about him, he revealed himself as pro_yoyoer at the Nation. I was a bit curious so I checked the member list here and saw that his name did not exist.

Just thinking about him makes my blood boil, and I know the same reacton happens in dryoyo’s veins. I hope and think that dryoyo will keep him away from this site, because I don’t want him here, I don’t want to here about him here either. I want him GONE from the whole yoyoing community. Not only here, but at every single online forum.

Addment: I believe he has a new account at the Nation now. I do not know the name.

There has been more recent incidents than that.


Here is a might quote from DocRobot himself.

(JonasK) #19

yoyo-lover got deleted. He signed up as uberluser, yoyo[insert number here] and then pro yoyoer. He now has a new account there. I don’t know the name of that account. As you can see resmod, he got banned a lot of times.