To who it may concern.

(Jeromy K.) #1

I will be leaving on Sunday for Seattle and won’t be back untell Wensday night so if I don’t respond to messages that is why. I will be taking my laptop but i cant garentee a contact at that time. So Sorry for the incovieance.

(Shisaki) #2

Which part of seattle? I’ll be there on sunday :smiley:


Have fun, Jeromy. I’m going to Kentucky in a week and a half, but I’ll be able to stay in contact. It’ll be nice to take all my yoyo buddies with me.


By Jeromy! Have fun!

(Jeromy K.) #5

I wont be getting there untell later evening like 5 or 6 That would be cool to meet up let me know I’lbe north of down town.


Enjoy the view from the space needle!:smiley:

(Shisaki) #7

Well if I got to the potluck my church is having I might be able to still be in seattle by 5.