Throwers in disguise

Have you ever been somewhere when you have seen someone and said man! They look like (insert yoyo player of choice here) well this is the thread to share your story’s about yoyo player look a likes ill start off:
Today i was a church and my pastor was talking and i realized he looked like Jensen Kimmit , i actually almost called him pastor Jensen haha

I was in a comedy club with look alike yuuki

I think i actually sat next to zammy in a restourante

I went to this one yoyofactory class in the mall, and I swear the teacher was Tyler Severance. I’m pretty sure it was a clone though.

i went to a yoyofactory class with tyler severance so its most likely him

{-_-} I was joking.

Sarcasm level: Not detected.

Just joking. It’s over 9000.

Yeah but dat reference doe

Dis meme level=Over 9001.