This vid is insane! *Ken Block*


This is one bangin Ford Fiesta! Incredible driving!

(Lets Yo ^^) #2

Amazing :wink:

(M²) #3

wonder how much the guy on the segway gets paid…

(Troy(oyo) #4

BLARGH!!! I was infuriated when Ken Block sold out to Ford… I enjoyed the glory days of him in his STI making internet videos.


Who cares what car he drives? If Ford offered me more money you better believe I’d be packin.


Any Ford Fiesta that goes 0-60 in 2.9 secs with Ken Block in it is AWESOME. ;D


Straight cut gears turn me on, thats is all…


One of the things I hate about the Ford Fiesta is the sound it makes. Its engine note sounds really rattly and cheap. I’d rather see someone driving a Subie. Though Ken Block back in his old Mustang would also be acceptable.