this sucks

(yoyo jake) #1

my great uncle is about to die


im so sorry to hear that! i will be praying for him :’(. if you can, tell him that we all love him

(Kei) #3

I’m so sorry :’(
I also will be praying for you guys.

(yoyo jake) #4

he’s not responding now i think its almost time he was responding earlier but not now

and thank you


Dude, so much sad news. I’m really sorry, another bummer in my life. :’( And yours, sooo sorry man. :’(

(M²) #6

I’m sorrey to hear that, my great grandma dies a few years back, it was pretty miserable.


dude, its ok. now i know, it probably doesnt feel ok. but just think of all the good times you had with him! he took his share of life, and now hes going to be in a happy place… but eventually youll meet him in that happy place!

(yoyo jake) #8

he’s still hanging in

(yoyo jake) #9

im sad to say this but he died about a hour ago


I am so sorry for his loss.


im so sorry! if i could hug you and let you cry on my shoulder, i would totally let you… i know what it feels like… i lost my grandfather when i was 6.


I am so sorry for you. I know it how it feels too, I lost both my grandmas before I could remember them, and my grandpa 2 years ago. I will pray for you and your family.


I’ll be praying, but I have another idea, think of a really good time you had with him and post it hear, try to rememver how you felt and probably how he felt, I hope this will help you grieve but I hope this will just generally help you!

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #14

ill be praying for him


I’m so sorry. I don’t know what to say. :’(


so sorry man. :frowning: I hope you feel better soon.


He won’t. It’s leaves a permanent mark inside your body, that will never leave you. :-[


im so sorry, dude.


so sorry about your loss, and i will be praying for your family


This won’t help much, but I’m sorry.