This may help with trading


okay, I did not know what to call this topic or where to put it but I guess since it relates to this I will put this here.
A helpful tool use for trading is if you and the person you are trading with are going to the same contest you can just do the trade there.
This would eliminate a possibility of UPS getting your package lost, (never had any expiriance with this myself but I have heard about it,) a scammer scamming you. (not accsuing anyone of being a scammer,) or someone removing the contents of package are envelope or whatever you use to ship.
just saying it may be better to trade at a contest for two good reasons besides the previous.
#1. eaiser to do and eliminates all previous things.
#2. you actually get to meet the person and chat with them. A very big plus. espicially if it is someone like Jayyo or another good player.
if people agree with this basic idea this is good.
Also I know this cannot happen all the time, I am not aiming for this. I am fine with people sending the trades ect. by mail but I think if meeting the person you are trading with is possible then it would be funner to do so.
if you agree please say so.


I dont. This would complicate things. What if I got into a trade with say…Kim-Lan, and we had to trade at worlds. This would take much longer, and be horrible.


i’m not saying to do it at every contest or whatever. If there is a contest that happens relatively soon.
Plus I just put it as a suggestion.

(Frank W.) #4

i agree but of course this only applies to certain situations.


Ok, folks. This would probably be better somewhere other than this forum, as it isn’t a BST ad. Clogging this forum up with non-topical posts was a concern a lot of people had, and we’re doing it already.


I dont think this makes sence…

          [i]Me- Hey samad-- Want to meet up at MN states and trade?[/i]

             [i]Samad- Ok! I'll get on my private jet and Fly there![/i]

Think thats gonna work?


I meant if you and Samad (i’ll use Samad as an example) were both going to the same contest then you could (as an option only) do the trade there.
Or you could send by mail, I am not against trading in any way I think that it has advantages to everything.
Also Docrobot, I said in the original post that I did not know where to put this. If YoYoExpert thinks that itr should go in another part of the forum sections then it should be moved.


Yeah, but thats rarely gonna happen. There has to be too many circumstances for that to happen.


okay, it was just a suggestion.
I guess i’ll lock it unless some one else has something else to say.